Coaching enables you to get onto your path for change.

However I no longer offer one to one coaching….

With Coaching you can discover ways to  live the way you want now,  doing what you’ve been putting off for years, in or out of Medicine.

You’ll be able to stop yourself procrastinating about what you plan and actually get things done.

Decide to  take the first steps and make  decisions to achieve what you want….

If you do this you will find your life is less stressful, happier and more fulfilled.  You will find time to be more with family and friends and enjoy  yourself more.

You’ll find a non-judgmental  listening ear, someone to bounce ideas onto and tips and strategies to move yourself forward…..

I’m Susan Kersley: I worked with doctors who want a life once more.

Working with a coach is about having someone on your side who will:

  • listen to you, really listen,
  • challenge and motivate you
  • help you focus on what’s  important for you
  • encourage you to be the real you
  • allow you to talk to about your life and how you would like it to be
  • respect your point of view and let you discover the path you want to take.

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I was a doctor in the NHS for more than 30 years,  yet when I decided I wanted to retire early I found it difficult to find anyone who would listen and support me in my decision to leave medicine so I realise how important it is to have someone who  understands where you’re ‘coming from’. I  offer you that support and understanding with Coaching which can  enable you to have a life whether in or out of medicine.

I’ve noticed that people who spend most of their time solving everyone else’s problems, don’t spend enough time looking after themselves. Successful professionals, like  you, may wonder if your academic and clinical  achievements  have been at the expense of the rest of your life.

I work with people who  want their lives to different. I encourage  you to:

  • talk about what you want in your life
  • set realistic goals
  • get it all back into proportion
  • consider what options you have
  • realise you have more choices
  • become motivated to make the changes you want

 You can  make big shifts in the way you view your life and how you  spend  time.

I’m passionate about encouraging doctors to have a life as well as being excellent professionals.  Coaching is about making changes happen in  a fun and productive way.

I no longer offer one to one on-going coaching.

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