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How will proposed reforms of legal aid impact on doctors?

I don’t usually write about political subjects. However I received an email from ‘soundof justice’ from the Law Society campaign  today and would like to bring your attention to the following:

There is a campaign with the Law Society called Sound Off Justice:
(, a campaign that’s focused on getting the public to place pressure on the government to reconsider the proposed reforms to Legal Aid, which are ill-conceived and unfair.
I was contacted   because my blog is aimed at the medical community and SoundOffJustice pointed out that under the new government proposals, victims of medical negligence will have no legal protection and  wondered how this might impact doctors.

This set me thinking about medical negligence and the possible impact of patients not having legal aid. I think that victims of medical negligence would clearly be disadvantaged by the proposed reforms for legal aid but not sure that it would impact on doctors (though some might not have to face legal action for negligence if the patient depended on legal aid), so there might be more  doctors who were performing badly.

If sued for negligence, doctors would continue to be able to defend themselves without legal aid, because hopefully all doctors have indemnity against claims from patients.

What do you think could be the impact of this proposed reform, on doctors?
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Many thanks.