Tips to get things done and have more time

1. Don’t put off the important things in your life until some mythical time when you’re not so busy.

2. However small the first step, decide what it is, and do it.

3. Start a task because it’s easier to continue after the first step.

4. Recognise that there are things you may prefer to do in big chunks of time so plan ahead for these.

5. There are usually some small steps you can take in preparation for the big chunk.

6. Clear some physical space – throw away everything you no longer need.

7. Clear some emotional space by relaxing.

8. Keep up to date with opening your letters and emails.

9. Pay your bills on time

10. Fill in any forms waiting such as tax returns, as you go through the year.

11. Have a decent filing system for whatever you need to keep

12. Clear your surfaces

13. Sort and clear cupboards and drawers.

14. Just do it even if you think others might be offended.

15. Be clear about what obstacles are in your path

16. Decide what action you need to take to get rid of them.

17. Imagine the ‘you’ who wants to do this goal talking to whoever wants the other goal and
decide the way forward which is best for you.

18. Clarify the reasons for a particular course of action.

19. Decide for you and for the person who wants something different.

20. It’s OK to be selfish sometimes – look after yourself above all else.

Louise Hay in her well known book: You can heal your Life calls it being SELF-ish, and suggests that doing things for you, is not only useful but actually essential. I agree with her. It’s part of the concept of looking after yourself. Do things to nurture your own body, mind and spirit. And the rest of what you want will follow.




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