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I have enjoyed my 3 months with you and they were invaluable, bringing about shifts in attitudes and thoughts and bringing back optimism!!  I am very mindful of the projects we discussed and ways to move forward that will get done over the next few weeks months and years and these ideas remain exciting. It was really good to work out how to break them down into small bits so i can inch forward with a sense of achievement at each stage – always good feel you have got somewhere rather than overwhelmed by a big project.  Just writing this email makes me excited all over again!! Purple J Consultant Gynaecologist

You have helped many at critical points in their lives…  GP

I wanted to give you feedback/an update because I thought it’s useful for you to know. I would like you to know what an enormous help you were. One conversation and it seems to have set in motion all sorts of things. I’ve started the novel I’ve secretly wanted to write and been denying myself for the last 15 years–to the extent that when you asked what I secretly wanted to achieve I couldn’t even admit it! and will send you a copy when published!! How do we live with denial for so long? Anyway its been a great journey and I realise only just started as I guess we keep learning and changing and developing for the rest of our lives. I recommend you to colleagues! GP

I was having  a serious stress-related burnout reaction triggered by family problems ( a son dropping out of university ) and work pressures which I felt impotent to modulate. I had become depressed and  had a very low self-esteem, I was feeling lonely and isolated and starting to lose hope. I was dithering around trying to make a decision as to whether I should return to my home country or continue to work in the UK within what I felt was a system toxic to spirit.  I was grossly out of balance and was living life out of  alignment with my core values.
You listened attentively and sensitively; you offered a gentle guiding presence to me at the end of the telephone; your voice was soft and soothed me ;  you offered other perspectives , you attempted to get me to see things in different ways; you gave me tools such as the NLP logical levels to approach my difficulties in terms of need hierarchies; you helped me to see my journey as a stage in spiritual growth as a heroes journey , you gently pushed me when I encountered impasses  and picked me up when I stumbled. You helped me become clear on my decision to stay or go; you offered a counterpoint via the NLP tool of talking to each hand which was a middle way to my either or approach; you helped me start to really visualise just how I would like my life to be and how that might align with my higher purpose. I have more clearly identified my Higher Purpose and the rest flows from that more effortlessly.
I am calmer mostly; I am a little bit more accepting of the way things are ; I am no longer depressed; I have made the decision to quit my job and go back to my homeland; but even more than this I have re-awakened from being asleep to my True Self; the coaching was not entirely responsible for this but it ignited a flame within me  which will never be extinguished as long as I live.

Great dissatisfaction with my current medical career with mounting stress and my eagerness to start a sports publishing business.

By providing the guidance I needed to make changes in my working and personal life. I decided to go part-time in medicine whilst developing my interests in sports publishing and sports medicine.

My feelings of stress have markedly reduced. I now feel far more optimistic about the direction  my life is taking and I am highly confident that I will achieve the goals I have set myself. Hurrah!!  Dr J, GP

‘Perhaps the very act of engaging in coaching has made me feel much better. It reminds me of the infertile couples who get pregnant while waiting to see a gynaecologist…..perhaps recognising a problem and making some steps towards solving it can hugely improve things…..’ CW General practitioner

“Whilst I was initially uncertain as to how effective life coaching would be, it has proved to be very really helpful. The way you challenged ideas that seemed to be fixed in my mind in an objective and non-judgmental fashion was exactly what was needed. Also certain phrases that came out of our conversations have stuck in my head and are very useful, such as this being a different world to that of the previous generation and life not being a dress rehearsal. I now have the confidence to go after the things I believe in and not be hemmed in by preconceptions about what is “expected”” (C.S. medical SHO who decided to move to GP training.)

 ‘….a big thank you for listening to me witter on! I have made enormous strides in the last few weeks and you facilitated it all. In fact I feel that you have been heaven-sent! ‘……Maura GP

I was pretty miserable with life and felt trapped in the pattern that my life had assumed around work. I knew I wanted a different balance of work and play but at the same time I wasn’t accomplishing any changes.
You helped enormously. I think the most powerful effect you had was that I felt I had an ally with no agenda apart from supporting me. Having said that you had a really useful set of tools to facilitate all stages of the process.  Mary Poppins and her carpet-bag of tricks!
I’m now working slightly less, having a day a week to pursue my art projects and feel that my life is in balance for the first time in ages. FK Anaesthetist


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