Taking work home with you

A very common challenge amongst doctors who strive for a more balanced life is how to stop taking work home with them.

There are at least three  ways work  doesn’t stay in the hospital or clinic and ends up going home with you:

1. Taking physical documents, patient’s files and journals with you in order to catch up during the evening or weekend.

2. Taking thoughts with you so that you find it difficult to ‘switch off’ and continue  thinking about a particular patient and whether or not you might have missed something or prescribed the right treatment.

3. Dealing with other people’s questions and expectations: they have a medical problem and think you are willing to give your opinion whatever the time is and wherever you may be.

What do you do to make a clear division between work and leisure time?

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One thought on “Taking work home with you”

  1. I think that the first is easy to do !…………

    The second is impossible.

    As for the third ; some doctors enjoy this. I tend not to be one of them.

    It would be interesting to hear from dr who manage the second challenge. I sense that a fulfille d life outside Medicine is important. I sense too that leaving work and going home properly is important. Perhaps too confidence in what we do is important – I have worked with colleagues who constantly doubt themselves…….. May be too we need to acknowledeg that we are not omniscient,,,,,,,,,,,,

    All gd wishes

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