More about group to support doctors

Following my post on group support for doctors:

What would work best as a way to supportĀ  doctors as a small group:

  • a group meeting on a telephone conference line?
  • on Skype?
  • forum format on-line?
  • set times when it’s Ok to call and speak on the phone?
  • other ideas?

Would you be interested in joining a group if I set it up?

What would be an ideal size for such a group? How often would you like to ‘meet’?

What times would suit you?

Please let me know either as a comment to this post or direct to me.

6 thoughts on “More about group to support doctors”

  1. Meeting 1:1 on Skype would be good, but confidentiality might be an issue. Telephone conversation, at specified times would be ok too.

    1. Thanks for your input. 1 to 1 either on Skype or on the telephone is the usual ‘coaching model’ and is entirely confidential. Confidentiality would be more of an issue if meeting as a group – it would be the responsibiltiy of the participants to decide how much to disclose about their own situation, and of course the group woul need to agree to keeping any discussion within the group as confidential.

  2. Susan of course already offers one ro onw. From my experience this is largely my telephone although could presumably be face-toface or using another medium.

    What I think may be under discussion here is a re-discovery of the few telephone conferences that Susan has done in the past. I was part of at least one with a good few drs. It was very good.

    What may however improve this is to look at making it a regular event – proably by phone. Of course not everyone would need to be there each week but it may be helpful for there to be a litttle group of regualrs. Perhaps one group of regulars could meet in the day and another few groups at a weekend and one or two of a weekeday evening. All depends on the level of interest.

    The challenge for Susan would be keeping it going along agreed agenda. It would be interesting how much is written about group coaching. It will have its advantages and disadvantages although I like the idea!

    i would be keen on a weekday evening.

    I would have thought group size should probably be limited to five.

    I wonder about how to set priorities. What may be a good starting point is that of drs who “bathe” in all this good stuff which is of course done not only by Susan but others – including Sonia Hutton-Taylor and Anita Houghton. Each have theri own interests and priorities but, as a regular reader of each, much of what they do is from the same broad focus.

    The other issue here may be costing and how this would be priced. Susan of course knows of several confernece calling options that are reasonable – although her time would need building in too.

    all gd wishes

    1. Thank you Clive for your input. I’m taking all the comments ‘on board’ and thinking about what to offer and when.

  3. I am definitely interested and weekday a regular weekday evening would be good. I do a Wed eve surgery so that is out for me. Telephone or skype rather than on-line, as you say, I imagine there are precedents, but 4 or 5 folk sounds good, though maybe up to half dozen to allow for likely fall-out from hols, etc. Look forward to hearing of developments Susan

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