Leaving or staying in Medicine?

Not so much the patients themselves or even the mental challenge of taking their history, doing the examination, arranging appropriate investigations and deciding on the best treatment, but more the aggravation of too much to do in the day, the lack of co-operation from others, the demands made of you, all add up to make you wonder if you really want to carry on for years more.

The dilemma is this: do you really want to give it all up, pack it all in and if so for what? Do you really want to let go of all those years of specialised training and start again with something entirely different and new?

You will be a better doctor if you spend some time away from it

Everyone gets ‘stale’ when they don’t  have a break away from work. After a few days doing something entirely different you will come back with added energy and enthusiasm. That can only be beneficial for not only you but for your patients too.

You will develop other skills and interests for when you eventually retire

When the time comes to leave Medicine you will have lots of possibilities for what you can do instead.

Find out if Coaching could enable you to make the decison right for you.

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2 thoughts on “Leaving or staying in Medicine?”

  1. Of course the choice may not be dichotomous.

    I am a dichotomous thinker but I know that Susan most certainly is not……………..

    Of course we all leave Medicine when we retire or do we ? Drs used to enjoy cheap / free GMC registration in retirement although no more. There is discussion at the moment on Drs Net about the title.

    This gets me thinking how we introduce ourselves. I think that I have written before that most of my mail comes to Mr rather than Dr and all my credit cards ( bar one) are Mr. Yet others know me as “Clive who is a doctor” even though I try very hard not be a doctor.

    I am proud to be a doctor and do not shirk from the role but am also conscious that it is only a prt of me.

    All gd wishes Clive

    1. Thanks for your comments. Identity as a doctor comes from both yourself and the way other people perceive you. So although you may recognise there is more to you that the doctor bit (even when you are employed as a doctor) there is the assumption by others that the doctor bit is always at the forefront waiting to leap into action.
      You may not always want that to be the case….and that can be challenging.

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