Group support for doctors?

Many people find joining a group for support through change is beneficial. Would a group for doctors who want your lives to be much, much better also work?

It might be useful for doctors who:

  • have read about personal development
  • haven’t made the changes they want yet

Doctors might resist joining a group because they:

  • never have enough time
  • have not been fitting in much apart from work into their day.
  • find that their family complains they are never at home
  • can’t remember when they last had a walk, went to the theatre or saw a film…….

Being part of a supportive group is for you if you want to:

  • Make changes in your life
  • Have more time
  • Stop feeling stressed
  • Become fitter
  • Be happier
  • Recognise you have choices
  • Enjoy the synergy and support of a group.

Joining a group can be an opportunity for support, encouragement and motivation. You may be able to meet each other face to face but it can work well if you meet on the telephone or on the internet. Any way that you can share ideas in a supportive environment can be very useful.

But how many doctors would be willing to do this? Is there a built-in resistance amongst doctors about admitting vulnerability and not being able to cope with something or needing to discuss future plans in a non-judgmental environment?

Being part of a group is commonplace for doctors especially when discussing clinical decisions. Could it become more often used too as a way to talk about personal development and also emotional issues in relation to dealing with patients? Not the diagnosis and treatment but more about how they deal with the emotional impact of dealing with patients.

What do you think about group support for doctors?

5 thoughts on “Group support for doctors?”

  1. a group for doctors to offer mutual support through change would be useful I feel.
    online forum? (assuming that people live in different places round the country)

  2. What a good idea. You have of ocurse piloted this before and it worked well on a one off basis but would be much better on an ongoing basis. Is is possible to trial this ? An online or telephone system offers something different from an on line community. Please do count me in ! Gd wishes Clive

  3. I do feel that as doctors we often neglect to deal with the emotional fallout from dealing with people in distress of one sort and another. We often take a lot of difficult emotions home without being fully aware, and this has a negative impact on our lives. Chances to share how we feel are often fleeting and not enough – I would be very interested in a group to give a fresh perspective on how to deal with the stresses and strains.

    1. What would work best as a way to support a some doctors as a small group:
      a group meeting on a telephone conference line?
      on Skype?
      forum format on-line?
      set times when it’s Ok to call and speak on the phone?

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