Do you recognise this scenario? You are feeling very cross because someone hasn’t done something you’d expected them to do?
Maybe you say something like ‘I waited all this time and they still haven’t done this or delivered that’
You had an expectation which wasn’t met by the other person.
Have you ever considered they may not realise what your expectation was for them?
If someone is angry about something you aren’t doing, or haven’t done – take a deep breath, then ask calmly- ‘what were you expecting from me?’

We all do this – have expectations, think ‘well it was obvious what I wanted’ when actually it wasn’t obvious to the other person and so they don’t fulfil our expectations.

Suppose you are worried about someone and wonder what you could do to help them. Take a moment and ask them ‘What can I do for you?’
You could apply this when you see a patient who seems to have a hundred and one problems and you can sense your blood pressure rising as they tell you more and more. Where can you start?
You could turn to the patient and say ‘What would you me to help you with today?’
Perhaps all they want is something quite straightforward!

Think about your expectations. They are quite often assumptions we make without proof.
Do you expect that you will always have to take work home with you because you can’t fit it into the working day?
If that is what you expect that is what is likely to happen! Instead you could expect to finish at a reasonable time and so you organise your day and your work to fulfil that expectation.

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