Doctor, here is: Time for You

In my experience  the most common issue that doctors want to discuss with me is:

Wanting more balance in their lives.

Coaching around work-life balance tends to  include discussing time management as well as self-care, and the meaning of success. As a Coach I encourage my medical clients to recognise how  vital it is that they have a life outside of medicine. They don’t always fully understand the concept that  there is more to life than medicine because there is so much pressure to pass exams in order to climb their perceived ladder of success.

A doctor’s life can be, and often is,  very stressful as well as  busy and overwhelming. An internet search for stress, burnout and doctors will bring up hundreds of articles about this common experience amongst doctors.

Working as a doctor is not only challenging and busy but also interesting so most doctors are passionate about medicine.  Sometimes both they and others may wonder how they keep going with so much to do and so little time to do it. The work-load can be overwhelming and there seems to be no way to lessen it.

However there are ways that doctors can lead a fuller life so that medicine is fulfilling yet be combined with a satisfying  life outside of medicine.  With coaching they can discover ways to have more time for family and friends,  their partner, their community, and for nurturing themselves body-mind-and-spirit and having fun.

Over the years I’ve found that doctors having a few coaching sessions with me have been able to find ways to move forward and lower their stress levels especially in areas connected with time management, work life balance and their health and well-being.

I’m working towards producing ways that you can improve these parts of your life with information by email and on my web site, yet many doctors (in or out of Medicine) find that one to one personal and confidential coaching offers a way to have a sounding board and be motivated and that the individual  attention is something that you can’t get from a generic course aimed at helping many doctors.

If you’ve never experienced how coaching can empower you to make changes and enable you to discover your own solutions then this is for you.

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