Are these the biggest 12 challenges for doctors today?

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  1. Goal setting: Setting goals: Vital to set SMART goals so you can be very clear about what you want.
  2. Work life Balance: Balancing work and life – there is more to life than work.
  3. Managing time – essential for making space for a new life to happen.
  4. Self care: Deciding what you have forgotten to do lately and make a commitment to improve your self care
  5. Environment and behaviour: Noticing how small changes in your environment and or your behaviour result big positive effect
  6. Capability: you may be needing to learn some new skills and or   teaching some skills to people around you.
  7. Beliefs and Values: recognising that some beliefs are powerful enough to stop your change, yet beliefs can be changed.
  8. Identity: You are not your job or profession. Noticing how your ideas about who you are, may be stopping you doing what you want.
  9. Purpose:  Discovering why you are here and by doing this being motivated to achieve your purpose.
  10. Communication skills: Being  able to communicate what you want to do when it affects others and learning how to do this more effectively
  11. Stress management:  Learning techniques to reduce or get rid of stress.
  12. Creativity: getting in touch with your creative side which may have been dormant if your job has encouraged you to follow rigid procedures.

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One thought on “Are these the biggest 12 challenges for doctors today?”

  1. What a good list. Thank you.

    What I struggle with a bit here as one of these rather ambling along sort of doctors is that in career terms I do not necessarily have a career intention of hitting the top.

    Of course recognising that and realising one’s others priorities may be pivotal. What you write here is about having a purpose not in WORK but in life.

    Many of us though are emmeshed in beliefs that equate life with work and work with life. And what happens when we retire…..become unable to work……………………..or ………………………

    All gd wishes and thanks

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