ABOUT Susan Kersley

I started coaching doctors fourteen years ago, after retiring early from the medical profession because I’d had enough of the pressures of work. I already had experience in counselling and personal development,  so after adding coaching and NLP (neurolinguistic programming), I set up my  business. 

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As a doctor, I enjoyed communicating one to one with patients,  so I was attracted to continue working in a similar way. I realised that after thirty years working as a doctor and married to a surgeon, I had valuable insights into the stress and overwhelm that many doctors experience in their day to day working lives, so I decided to develop the niche of coaching doctors.

However, I am aware how different coaching is  from  medical practice: instead of prescriptive suggestions, as a coach, I enable  you, the client to find your  best solution by  asking you challenging questions and sometimes making gentle suggestions which may or may not be taken up by you. Overall I help you find your own solution to the challenges you face.

I took early retirement from Medical work at the end of 1997 in order to live the life I really wanted, be more creative, see the sea every day and travel the world!

I am married to an orthopaedic surgeon, have three grown up children, and three little grandchildren.

I was a medical practitioner for over thirty years. I worked in and around London, Portsmouth , Cambridge and Birmingham, UK, working with all aspects of women’s health including family planning, sub-fertility, abortion, women health screening, sexually transmitted disease, sexuality, counselling, medical gynaecology, hysterectomy and menopause.

I was Senior Clinical Medical Officer for Family Planning in the Northern Birmingham Community NHS Trust when I retired from Medical Practice.

Medical qualifications: M.B. BCh. Welsh National School of Medicine D.Obst R.C.O.G.  Counselling: Certificate in Counselling skills; Diploma in Counselling skills; Master’s degree in Psychodynamic Counselling. M.Ed Open University degree: B.A. in mainly in Psychological subjects

Life Coaching: CoachU graduate; Accredited by  the Life Coaching Academy

Master Practitioner NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

Certificate and Diploma  in  Clinical Hypnotherapy

Writing: BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL  Published articles in BMJ Career focus over many years

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4 thoughts on “ABOUT Susan Kersley”

  1. Hello Susan,
    I was a GP partner 9 years,then peripatetic GP locum 16 years.Ceased 4 months ago as finding GP too much.Not a high-flyer,and not blessed with good self-esteem.Aged 56 with 2 children 11 and 7 ,so need to continue to work in some field.Plan to seek employment outside medicine and would accept lower income .Are you able to advise me about resources for employment ideas please ? [ Unable to examine your book inside on Amazon unfortunately],
    Kind regards
    Richard Benson

  2. Coaching can enable you to find out what you really want to achieve and what first steps you must take to start to move towrds what you want. I don’t give specific advice. However my book ‘ Life After Medicine’ has tips and suggestions to enable you to make the choices you need to make for yourself.

  3. I have always thought about seeing a life coach and how much it would cost to have one. would like to get some info.

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