Seeing the funny side of life

Because there is so much competition to get into medical school there may be a culture among medical students and then amongst doctors to take life extremely seriously. Of course there is nothing wrong with this because the responsibility of working as a doctor is huge and the outcome from making a mistake could be enormous.

However with the huge pressures put on doctors there may be a tendency for them to work too hard and forget how important it is to spend some time, preferably every day, living life more lightly. Whether it’s worrying about how they dealt with the last patient, preparing for a presentation to colleagues, or trying to keep up to date with medical journal reading, life can be very serious for a doctor.

So how can you change that? How can you bring more fun and laughter into your life? It all depends what makes you laugh and what you enjoy doing. Bringing some laughter, fun and enjoyment on a regular basis is vital for your own health and well-being.

3 thoughts on “Seeing the funny side of life”

  1. Yes I struggle with situations were everything is taken over-seriously. It is of course important to be serious and respectful to our patients but they too will benefit from a warm environment rather than a fraught one. I have worked with colleagues who are so anxious about everything that work stops being fun. Clive

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