Time to have a life….

Attention doctors, physicians, registrars, junior doctors, private medical practitioners:

Would you like to discover more than 80 ways to manage your time?

Do you struggle to get things done through the day? Do you wonder what’s happened to the time and feel upset at how little you get done? Do you notice that some of your colleagues seem to cope much better than you do with the amount of work there is to do each day? Here is another e-book for you: it has more than 80 ways for doctors to  manage  time!

  • You are less and less efficient in relation to your medical work.
  • You forget about the life you had before you worked as a doctor.
  • Your friends and family complain that they never see you.
  • You take most of your holiday to unwind.
  • You regret becoming a doctor….

But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are simple strategies you can adopt to take you to a place when you can:

  • leave work at a reasonable time
  • be able to relax and enjoy life away from work more
  • feel happier at work and get things done more efficiently and effectively
  • learn simple ways to make a difference in your life.

Here are more than 80 strategies you’ve been waiting for….simple ways to:

  • make a difference and become more time aware
  • say goodbye to working late very day
  • see your friends and family more often
  • stop worrying about wondering why you went into the medical profession
  • begin to enjoy working as a doctor
  • realise it’s possible to be a doctor and have a life
  • discover more than 80 ways to make  difference to your life

Get More than 80 ways to manage time for doctors,  now, for less than the price of a cup of coffee!!

And if you want some help to put this into your life  contact me for some Coaching….. 


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